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Our product lines

We design and manufacture various ranges that meet very numerous fields of application.

Our standard products and their various options have been designed to answer your requirements.

Automakers must design vehicles to thrive in a broad spectrum of environments, from snowy tundra to scorching deserts. The purpose of automobile reliability test is to assess the automobile and its components...

Based on new technologies and new materials, we will modernize the development and utilization of traditional renewable energy. We will replace fossil energy with renewable energy that has limited resources and pollutes the environment...

The purpose of chip test is to save costs while finding out the right chips. The complexity of the chip is getting higher and higher. In order to ensure that the quality of the chip leaving the factory does not have any problems, it is necessary to conduct tests before leaving the factory to ensure the functional integrity.

It is extremely important for the high-tech electronic communication industry to improve the quality of the company's products, meet the requirements of current international standards and specifications (IEC, UL, MIL, IPC, GB, etc.)...

Through reliability test, various defects in design, materials and process methods of electromechanical products are found

In the future, we will step into more industries to meet the needs of various users

In order to ensure the quality of drugs and storage containers, stability tests should be performed to determine their effective time and storage state.