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Lab companion meets you at the Electronic China Exhibition in Shang Hai

On 2023-Jul-Wed

Continuously striving for self-improvement, helping the country to vibrate the core:Lab companion joins hands with France's Jielong to meet with you at the Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition Electronic China


 Electronica China Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition is an exhibition in the electronics industry and an important event within the industry. In recent years, the exhibition has transformed into an e-planet and has become an innovative platform leading the future of electronic technology. Semiconductors, sensors, connectors, and power supplies form the core of Planet E, building its landforms, cities, and streets. The revolutionary nature of Planet E helps people to have a more intuitive understanding of the driving forces behind the development of the electronic world. On Planet E, visitors and exhibitors are its residents, who can easily communicate at any time and witness the development trends of the global electronics industry together. 

Guangdong Hongzhan Technology Co., Ltd

Exhibition date: July 11-13, 2023, 3 days in total

Exhibition location: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

Exhibition booth: Hall 7.2 A510

Exhibits: High and low temperature test chamber, fast Temperature cycling test chamber, high temperature aging chamber, French Jetron temperature impact heat flow meter


Welcome to your driving guidance~

Exhibition Range at the 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition:

Semiconductor, embedded systems, sensors, MEMS, relays, switches and connectors, passive components, displays, printed circuit boards, other circuit carriers and EMS, automotive electronics and testing, wireless technology, power supply, testing and measurement, micro nano systems, components and subsystems, artificial intelligence technology, and Internet of Things technology.