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General presentation

Lab Companion Ltd, Reliable test partner 


Lab Companion relies on the professional technology and continuous innovation of R & D and production of climate and environment reliability test equipment. Its customers are all over the automobile, aviation, aerospace, electronics, test laboratories, scientific research and national defense. Lab Companion has two R & D and manufacturing plants in Dongguan and Kunshan. The company has sales and maintenance service centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an and Hong Kong.


Lab Companion provide:

  • Test volume: from 30L to 300cubic meter

  • Test temperature range from -80°C to +200°C (oven can reach 500°C)

  • Temperature change rate from 0°C/min to 30°C/min

  • Control humidity

  • Professional control software in the field of environmental testing

Our products are mainly divided into two categories:

① Standard series environmental test chamber with complete models

  • Temperature environment test chamber

  • Temperature and humidity environment test chamber

  • Rapid temperature change environment test chamber

  • Temperature impact environment test chamber

  • High and low temperature impact heat flow meter (Dragon)

  • Precision industrial oven

  • UV accelerated aging tester (Q8)

  • Xenon lamp aging test chamber (seeding)

② Non standard series environmental test chamber

  • Temperature, humidity and vibration three comprehensive test box

  • Low pressure and plateau simulation test chamber

  • Walk in and complete vehicle test cabin

  • Special test box for new energy

  • Solar radiation test equipment

  • Light test chamber

  • Rain test chamber

  • Sand and dust test chamber

  • Compound salt spray test chamber

  • Thermal vacuum test chamber

  • Multi axis rotation test chamber

  • Customized products

Six basic commitments of LabCompanion

Continuous innovation






Industrial management

The Lab Companion team has 18 years of service experience and is composed of 130 people. It has two production bases in Dongguan and Kunshan respectively, whose totally area is 10000 m².

We are committed to the technical research and development, design and manufacturing of environmental simulation test chambers.

We provides about 2000 environmental simulation test chambers every year, and are divided into standard series products and customized products.