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International After Sales

As one of the world's leading suppliers of environmental test boxes, Lab Companion has its own technical service department to provide fast and thoughtful after-sales service, so that you can use our test boxes easily.

Today, relying on our technical service department and agents all over the world, Hongzhan can provide you with comprehensive technical services worldwide, which is in full compliance with local laws and regulations.

With the unique technology of our control and adjustment software, our team in the Chinese factory can diagnose your equipment very quickly. In fact, one of the many functions of the control system is to generate a backup file, which contains all technical information detailing the equipment status, performance level, fault conditions, etc. This backup file can be sent to us by email, and our technical service team can check and diagnose all the information within one hour, and give a response.

Main business

Install and set up your test chamber


Preventive maintenance


Metrological calibration

Other business

professional knowledge

Leakage detection of refrigeration system

Component supply