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Ultraviolet accelerated aging tester


In Q 8/U v UV accelerated aging tester, the fluorescent UV of UV lamp can reproduce the influence of sunlight, and the condensation and water spray system can reproduce the influence of rain and dew. The temperature is controlled throughout the test cycle. Typical test cycles are UV exposure at high temperatures and dark wet condensation cycles with a relative humidity of 100% ; typically used in paint, automotive, plastic, wood, glue, etc. . Simulate sunlight

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight is a major cause of damage to the durability of most materials. We use UV lamps to simulate the short-wavelength ultraviolet part of sunlight, which produces very little visible or infrared spectral energy. We can choose different wavelength UV lamp according to different test requirements, because each lamp in the total UV radiation energy and wavelength are different. Usually, UV lamp can be divided into UVA and UVB two.






UV irradiation


Light control

Adjustable light

Spray Water

Thermal shock

Automatic route detection

Number of light bulbs

8 ultraviolet lamps, 4 Ultravloiet lamp 6pcs, spares 4pcs

The Recorder


Radiometer Q8-CR


Machine radiation:

1.0 W/M2/340nm adjustable

1.1 W/M2/313nm adjustable

UV temperature

50 ℃ -75 ℃

Condensation temperature

40 ℃ -60 ℃

Test capacity

48pcs /se  spray( 75 x 150m m 

50pcs/basic  75 x 150m m 

Water cooling and consumption

Distilled water per minute, distilled water 8 liters per day

Volume (W X D x H)

137 x 53 x 136cm



Power Supply

1ψ 120V/60Hz,16A or 230V/50Hz, 9A,1800Wmax


Q 8/U V tube

Uva-340 lamp: The UVA-340 lamp is an excellent simulation of the Sun's short-wavelength ultraviolet light, that is, from 365 nanometers to 295 nanometers of sunlight cutoff.

UVB-313 tubes: UVB-313 tubes emit more short-wavelength ultraviolet light than the Sun's ultraviolet rays, which normally hit the Earth's surface, thus maximizing material aging. However, the lamp may cause impractical damage to some materials. UVB-313

Lamps are mainly used for quality control and research and development, or for the weather resistance of the material operation test.

UVA -351 Lamp: simulates the sun's ultraviolet light through the window glass, it is most effective for testing the aging of indoor materials.

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In many outdoor environments, materials can be wet for up to 12 hours a day. Studies have shown that dew, not rain, is the main cause of this outdoor humidity. Q 8/U V simulates outdoor moisture erosion through its unique condensation function. During the condensation cycle of the test chamber, the water in the reservoir at the bottom of the test chamber is heated to produce hot steam, which fills the entire test chamber and maintains the relative humidity of the test chamber at 100% , and keep a relatively high temperature. The specimen is secured to the side wall of the test chamber so that the specimen's test surface is exposed to ambient air in the test chamber. The outward side of the specimen is exposed to the natural environment and has a cooling effect, which results in a temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the specimen, there is always condensed liquid water on the test surface.

Because outdoor exposure to moisture can last up to ten hours a day, a typical condensation cycle typically lasts several hours. Q 8/U V provides two methods for moisture simulation. Many applications are condensation method, it is a good way to simulate outdoor wet erosion. All Q 8/U V models can be operated with a condensation cycle. Because some application conditions also require the use of water spray to achieve the actual effect, some Q8/UV models can run both the condensation cycle and the water spray cycle.

Temperature control

In each cycle, the temperature can be controlled at a set value. At the same time, the blackboard thermometer can monitor the temperature. Temperature increase can accelerate the aging process, and temperature control is also important for test reproducibility.

Water spray system

For some applications, water spraying can better simulate the environmental conditions of end-use. Water spray is very effective in simulating thermal shock or mechanical erosion due to temperature fluctuations and rain erosion. Under some practical conditions, such as sunlight, when the accumulated heat dissipates rapidly due to sudden rain showers, the temperature of the material will change dramatically, resulting in a thermal shock, this thermal shock is a test for many materials. Water spray at Q 8/U V can simulate thermal shock and/or stress corrosion.

The sprinkler system has 12 nozzles, 6 on each side of the test chamber; the sprinkler system runs for a few minutes and then shuts down. This short spray of water rapidly cools the sample, creating thermal shock conditions.

Radiation Intensity Control: optional, UV accelerated aging testing machine, UV accelerated weathering testing machine, UV weathering testing box, UV aging tester

The light intensity control system allows the user to set different light intensity according to different test requirements. The irradiation intensity is controlled by the feedback loop device; meanwhile, the service life of the fluorescent lamp can be extended.


Counter, radiator optional, support for custom size


NC display


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