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Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber



The temperature test chamber is divided into alternating test chamber and temperature and humidity test chamber. Both test chambers are upgraded and expanded on the basis of the high and low temperature test chamber. The alternating test chamber means that the required  chamber will follow the set procedures. The temperature and humidity test chamber is equipped with humidification system. The humidity test can be conducted at the same time as the temperature test, so that the test effect is closer to the natural climate, simulating a worse natural climate, so that the reliability of the tested sample is higher.

Test Standard

IEC60068-2-78, IEC60068-2-30, IEC60068-2-38, IEC60068-2-66

ISO16750, JESD22

GB/T2423.3, GB/T2423.4, GB/T2423.34, GB/T2423.40, GB/T 14710:2009, GB/T 13543


Test performance and reliability on biological items, industrial products, materials, and electronic devices and components.





High-strength, high-reliability structural design - to ensure the high reliability of the equipment;

The inner chamber material is SUS304 stainless steel - anti-corrosion, strong hot and cold fatigue function, and long service life;

High density polyurethane foam insulation - ensures minimal heat loss;

Plastic-sprayed surface – to ensure the lasting anti-corrosion function and appearance life of the equipment;

High-strength temperature-resistant silicone rubber sealing strip – ensures the high sealing performance of the equipment door;

A variety of optional functions (test hole, recorder, water purification system, etc.) meets the user's needs for various functions and tests;

Large-area electric heating anti-frost observation window, built-in lighting - can provide good observation effect;

Environmentally friendly refrigerants – to ensure that the equipment is more in line with your environmental protection requirements;

Customized constant temperature and humidity test chamber, tell us any function you want and we will make it.

Triple protection mechanism.

USB interface and Ethernet communication function enable the communication and software expansion function of the device to meet various needs of customers.

Adopting internationally popular refrigeration control mode, which can automatically adjust the refrigeration power of the compressor by 0%~100%, reducing energy consumption by 30% compared with the traditional heating balance temperature control mode.






Touch type programmable temperature and humidity controller


It is temperature and humidity programmable controller which equips with the general control, heating and cooling function by supporting high definition TFT-LCD touch screen and SD card.


High accuracy

Precision control with 18bit A/D convertor

TEMP. : ±0.1% of full scale ±1 digit

HUMI. : ±1.0% of full scale ±1digit

      Optimizing PID group

Precision control by 6 groups of TEMP./HUMI. and 3 group of temperature only

      Specialized controller

As a specialized controller for temperature and humidity, synchronized control system with PT-PT, PT-DCV

     Specialized humidity control

Humidity control algorithm implements a stable control according to the equipment size。

      Heating cooling control






Separated hardware

Configuration separated by display, control, and input / output board
Available to mount panel mount and VESA mount