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Shaking Incubator-LCD

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product name: Shaking Incubator-LCD
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a brief introdction

With more than ten years of design and manufacturing experience, the new shaking incubator through the defect that the existing domestic oscillator cannot operate continuously for a long time through continuous research, and is widely used in cell culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemistry and cell tissue research with high requirements for temperature an

Shaking Incubator-LCD  Detailed description

Microprocessor controller (with timing function)


●Large LCD screen to display more data at same time

●Stainless-steel chamber and platform, easy to clean.

●Big observation windows

●Microprocessor controller for temperature and shaking speed with timing function.

●Smooth start and stop system prevents liquid spillage

●Auto-controller of fan speed to prevent damage to the samples

●Safety door switch, auto pause operation when door is opened

●R134a refrigerant, imported compressor and fan motor

●High effective filter provides filtration of bacteria and dust (option)

●Temperature-limiting alarm system, auto switch off when over-temperature. (option)

●RS485 connector can connect computer record and inspect the parameters and the variations of temperature (option)

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