Company Profile

        Lab Companion Ltd. has been specializing in Environmental Testing Equipment with 15 years of experiences. Our products include Environmental Test Chamber, Thermal Shock Chamber, Weather Chamber and Aging Test Chamber, etc. In order to satisfy customers need, we continuously develop and improve our Environment Test Equipments. Besides, we also produce Highly Accelerated Stress Tester, Air Conditioner Unit and Industrial Clean Oven. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts about Rain Tester, Ozone Tester and LCD Aging Test Chamber.for meeting our company strict policy of reliability, tenacity of purpose, and the best after sales service, our CAD-CAM and R&D center is fully equipped to ensure products with cutting edge, designed with state of art know-how. In order to comply with worldwide requirements of quality control management, our R&D department has spared no effort in developing more than 1000 types of reliable and high quality testing instruments. Moreover, we've strived to perfect our quality management system, and since have been given the accreditation of ISO9001 in 2019 accordingly.

We pursuit of excellence and innovation for the errand. 
Accumulated more experience and technology, continuous process in the development of the more perfect environment for test equipment products to the autonomy of technology and excellent manufacturing firm market. In the quality and valve insist that we never compromise.

Professional team:
 Lab Companion Limited always hold the excellence , pragmatic professional attitude, and as well as constantly absorb new knowledge and learning, the enhance the companys expertise to provide customers with the most perfect and most reliable quality products.

Service and Guarantee:
We intention to understand that the customers requirements to the best of attitude most customers work out the design specifications of the buyers and provide complete training, fast service.
Assurance refers our company uses hardware and components no defects from material and manufacturing. During the warranty period, if such defect occur we will be responsible for repair or replacement for faulty hardware and components.

Tenet of the company
continuous improvement
constant innovation
offering better instruments 
equipment for lab workers.

Services of the company
Smile Standard Sincere Speed Satisfy