Retrofit and Upgrades
Retrofit and Upgrades
power electronics

Hongzhan offers retrofits and upgrades on many components of our test equipment to better serve you.

Hongzhan retrofit installs have a 90 day warranty on labor and 1 year warranty on associated parts.

Components available for retrofits and upgrades include, but are not limited to:

All Hongzhan controllers come with free software upgrades.

P200 Controller
An P200 Controller can be installed on any model environmental chamber, including non-Hongzhan test chambers. The P200 Controller can be mounted into an existing instrument console or to the environmental chamber in order to save floor space and eliminate the console.

P100 Controller
A retrofit of the P100 Controller is available in side mount, door mount, or under door mount configurations for P-Series Environmental Chambers, Benchtop Chambers, and the CDS-5.

A refrigerant retrofit for environmental chambers converts CFC to HCFC refrigerants.

Vibration Test Systems
A Hongzhan Electrodynamic Vibration Test System can have a VCS-3200 controller upgrade, or combine the vibration controller with an environmental chamber controller to view both controllers from a single screen. Obsolete amplifier systems can also be replaced.

Walk-In Chambers
An existing Walk-In Chamber box can be enlarged or relocated, doors can be added, or spreader plates can be added for test chamber floors subjected to heavy loads.

Performance Upgrades
LN2 Boost and Extra Heaters can be added to environmental test chambers to test at lower or higher temperatures.

Cooling Conversions
An air-cooled environmental chamber can be converted to water-cooled, or vice-versa, on site through a cooling retrofit.

Machinery Sections
Sometimes an environmental test chamber's machinery tires before the test chamber box. A machinery section retrofit is installed to include Hongzhan's current design standards and upgraded component such as compressors, valves, etc.

Site Survey

A complimentary Site Survey is an on-site review of equipment if upgrading or converting multiple environmental chambers is being considered. Quotes issued after a site survey are valid for 1 year and include multiple purchase discounts.