Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder: Xue Zeming

    The dream is to tired and tired again, and you will never be tired of it! Successful people are often those who are immersed in what they do, and who can continue to work hard if they are tired. The achievements of Hongzhan today are derived from the persistence of the entrepreneurial team to become the “domestic leading environmental and reliability test equipment manufacturer and solution solver”. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, all Hongzhan people have the dream of "creating a hundred years of great cause" and uphold the business philosophy of "sincerity-oriented", inheriting and carrying forward the enterprise spirit of "dedication, competition, innovation and truth-seeking", insisting on The sustainable development of customers contributes their own technology, products and wisdom, so that the modern, efficient, environmentally friendly and digital Hongzhan company will work with you to create a new journey!