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Warmly celebrate the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Lab Companion Ltd

Warmly celebrate the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Lab Companion Ltd

Lab Companion Ltd was founded on May 4, 2005. With the rapid development of economy and the coexistence of opportunities and challenges, a group of professional technical engineers who have been engaged in environmental test equipment for many years are determined to apply their professional knowledge and rich practical experience to the development and production practice of environmental test equipment and catch up with the advanced technology of foreign environmental test equipment with the common ideal and goal.

Lab Companion Ltd is based on high technology, honesty, and constantly improving technology and experience to provide customers with products and services in time.

The products produced by Lab Companion Ltd mainly include: high and low temperature damp heat test chamber, programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber, thermal shock test chamber, rapid temperature change test chamber, high and low temperature and low pressure test chamber, walk-in environmental test chamber, industrial oven and other equipment.

The products produced by Lab Companion Ltd are widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, electronics, military industry, post and telecommunications, petrochemical industry, pharmacy, equipment, colleges and universities, scientific research units, construction engineering, infrastructure engineering, etc. Its design and manufacturing meet the relevant industry standards, national standards, international standards, national military standards and US military standards. Lab Companion Ltd is willing to design and manufacture various non-standard environmental test equipment for customers.

Lab Companion Ltd will adhere to the concept of "dedication, competition, innovation and realism" to provide customers with superior, more professional and high-tech environmental test equipment and technical services.

Lab Companion people are rigorous, nervous and demanding perfect, our efforts will reflect our own value; because this is a mission, we are eager to make our own contribution to this thriving society; with our unremitting efforts, we will light your hope of success, and our services are looking forward to communication and cooperation with you

Lab Companion's service commitment

24 hours to provide customers with the use instructions and maintenance consultation required by relevant equipment, and timely provide customers with vulnerable parts and accessories of relevant equipment.

Send technical engineers to customers within 24 hours to provide on-site guidance on the use and maintenance of their equipment